6 LG Dryer d90 No Blockage Causes and Fixes!

Whenever the error code d90 pops up on an LG dryer, it’s understandable to think that your dryer vents are extremely clogged. After all, the error code implies 90% clogging. But what if it’s an LG dryer d90 no blockage?

While 90% of the reasons why the error code d90 pops up on an LG dryer are ductwork blockage, sometimes the error code displays due to a tripped-up breaker, blown thermal fuse, small load size, filthy lint filter, burnt-out heating element, or active ‘Energy Saver’ mode.

So, it’s not always about a clogged, bent, or kinked dryer vent wall duct or hose. Though this post shall focus on LG dryer code d90 with no blockage, I’ll explain the error code, what causes it, and how to clear it, among other vital information.

We’ll also see how you can reset your LG dryer after d80 pops up. So, let’s get started!

LG dryer d90 no blockage

In a hurry? Consider the fixes below to the reasons behind an LG dryer code d90 without blockage.

LG Dryer D90 No Blockage Causes and Fixes

  • Probable Cause – Quick Fix
  • Tripped Breaker – Replace the circuit breaker if it’s tripped-up
  • Blown Thermal Fuse – Change the fuse if it won’t show continuity
  • Small Load – Improve the overall load to about 3⁄4 full
  • Filthy Lint Filter – Remove the lint filter and clean it if it’s dirty
  • Burnt Out Heating Element – Test the heating element’s terminal for continuity and replace the heating element if they don’t show continuity
  • Active ‘Energy Saver’ Dryer Mode – Deactivate the ‘Energy Saver’ mode
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What Is the Error Code d90 On LG Dryer?

The LG dryer employs FlowSense technology to detect blockage, especially lint blockage, which could potentially trigger a fire outbreak.

Once the clogging reaches 80%, the LG dryer displays the error code d80 and so on to indicate the rate of clogging. The error code d90 mostly pops up when the dryer is 90% blocked.

Note, however, that I’ve used most, which means, as the post title suggests, ductwork clogging is not the only reason why an LG dryer will show error code d90.

Let’s talk about those issues next.

LG dryer d90 No Blockage – What Causes It and How Do You Fix It

I remember mentioning FlowSense, the technology that enables LG dryers to detect lint clogs and other potential fire triggers.

Now, flow sense sensors work by measuring heat in the dryer and not the amount of airflow. As long as a heat change could start a fire, the flow sensor will send a warning message.

If the warning is d90, the dryer will likely be 90% clogged. But again, other issues can cause temperature changes, and they are unrelated to blockage. They include the following:

  1. Tripped Breaker

A power surge is likely to trip off the circuit breaker. That typically happens to protect the dryer from a possible fire. And when it comes to LG dryers, their FlowSense sensors can sense that and display the error code d80, d90, or any other.

Fix: Examine the circuit breaker and replace it if it is tripped up.

  1. Blown-up Thermal Fuse

Sometimes the dryer’s thermal fuse blows up to protect the dryer, just like the circuit breaker. Once this happens, the dryer’s FlowSense sensors indicate the error code d90 or any other.

Fix: Run a multimeter test on the thermal fuse to see if it’ll show continuity. If it doesn’t, consider it might be faulty and need a replacement.

  1. Small Load
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LG dryer sensors find it difficult to detect smaller clothes loads. The dryer does not detect any moisture but instead sees the clothes as potential fire triggers, sending the error code d95 or any other.

Fix: Put more laundry into the dryer tub if it’s only tiny. While at it, ensure you don’t overload it. If possible, keep it 3⁄4 full or thereabout.

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How do I fix the D90 on my LG dryer

When it comes to the error code d90 on an LG dryer, you’ve to look at possible causes of lint clogging first (since they represent 90% of the reasons), then the non-clogging issues discussed earlier.

So, here’s how to go about it:

Step 1 (check the dryer vent for blockage)

Remember, the error code d90 pops up in the first place due to blockage. So, start the fixing by looking for any signs of blockage and clearing them.

Begin with the dryer vent and check its rear end and outside for lint clogging. If it’s lint-clogged, clean it to unclog it.

Step 2 (inspect the dryer vent for kinking, crushing, or damages)

Once you clear lint and other clogs from the dryer vent, check the vent for kinking, crushing, and wear. If there are kinks, straighten the dryer vent to remove them and if the dryer is destroyed or damaged, consider replacing it.

Step 3 (examine the dryer vent for proper installation)

The third check for the dryer vent is its installation. Ensure the dryer vent is free from numerous bends and it’s not too long to delay the drying time.

So, again, you may need to replace the dryer vent if it doesn’t meet the criteria.

Step 4 (clean the lint filter if clogged)

In this step, examine the lint filter for lint clogging. If the filter is clogged, clean the lint filter. You, however, have first to remove it to clean it properly.

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Step 5 (look for a power cutout)

Two things could cut out power from the dryer. First, you have to check for a tripped breaker and reset it. Second, you’ve to check for a blown-up fuse and replace it.

LG dryer d90 reset

To fix a d90 error on an LG dryer, here are the remaining steps:

Step 6 (deactivate energy saver mode)

If the ‘Energy Saver’ mode is on, deactivate it.

Step 7 (check load size)

Inspect the load size to ensure it’s at least a half drum full. Don’t overload the drum, as the clothes won’t spin properly.

Step 8 (observe the heating element for fault)

Lastly, test the heating element contact points with a multimeter and replace the heating element if they don’t show continuity.

If you’ve tried the 8-step guide, but the error code d90 does not clear, consider resetting the dryer. Here’s how to do an LG dryer d90 reset:

Option 1 – 5-Minute Disconnect

  • Consider unplugging your LG dryer from the wall outlet
  • Wait 5 minutes before plugging the dryer back
  • If there are any blockages, clear them and clean the lint filter before plugging the dryer back

Option 2 – Time-Dry + Signal Reset

This reset technique involves:

  • Powering your dryer
  • Pressing the Time-Dry + Signal buttons for 3 seconds
  • Wait for the error to disappear

Alternatively, press Time-Dry +Wrinkle Care, Energy Saver + Less Time, or Energy Saver + Wrinkle care instead of Time-Dry + Signal

Why Is Learning to Troubleshoot The LG Dryer Flow Sense D90 Error Important?

According to reports, about 80% of home fires start from the dryer, even though they are preventable. Due to surplus lint in the dryer vent, the lint is likely to trigger a fire unless you act.

You can only act if you know how to read the sign, and that’s where the FlowSense error codes come in.

If the rate of lint blockage is 90%, the error code d90 pops up, and when it does, you should disconnect the dryer and fix the source of the jam. You can avoid a fire outbreak and protect your dryer from damage.

The other attainment is that you can avoid lengthy drying times, which is likely to be the case when there is a blockage.


In summary, while the d90 error code on LG dryers typically indicates a 90% ventilation blockage, there are other potential causes like a tripped breaker, blown fuse, small load size, dirty lint filter, faulty heating element, or Energy Saver mode being activated.

By troubleshooting the various no blockage causes of the d90 error code, you can get your LG dryer operating properly again and also prevent potential fires caused by excessive lint buildup. Proper maintenance and fixing d90 issues right away is key.

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